Why Shastalaya Educational Institutions ?

Shastalaya Educational Institute is newly started with the intention of empowering the rural students with paramedical and non-paramedical courses. We believe that the rich learning experience that our programs offer can affect a powerful and positive transformation in individuals, in their communities and we do this in atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration and discipline

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We offer wide range of courses from which the students can choose their field of interest

Diploma In Hospital Nursing And Midwifery

Duration: 2yrs

  Diploma in Hospital Nursing and Midwifery

Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology

Duration: 2yrs

 Diploma in  Medical Laboratory Technology


Duration: 3yrs


Diploma In Dialysis Technician

Duration: 2yrs

Diploma in Dialysis Technician

Diploma In Anesthesia Technician

Duration: 2yrs

Diploma in Anesthesia Technician

B.Sc Dialysis Technician

Duration: 4yrs

In a healthy human body, kidneys are responsible for purifying the blood. As long as kidneys perform this task wel

B.Sc Radiology & Imaging Technology

Duration: 3yrs

Radio imaging Technology is the technique and process used to create images of the human body (or parts

MBA In Health Service Management

Duration: 2yrs

MBA in Health Service Management conducted by, Tamil Nadu through its Collaborative

B.Sc Nutrition And Dietetics

Duration: 3yrs

B.Sc Nutrition Dietetics conducted by, Tamil Nadu through its Collaborative Institu

MSW Master Of Social Works In Mental Health

Duration: 2yrs

Name of the programme : Master of Social Work In Mental Health

B.Sc Optometry

Duration: 3yrs

B.Sc Optometry conducted by,Tamil Nadu through its Collaborative Instit

B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology

Duration: 4yrs

Medical Laboratory Technology is also called as Clinical Laboratory Science. The field is majorly concerned with t

Diploma In Radiology & Imaging Technology

Duration: 2yrs

 Diploma in Radiology & Imaging Technology

Diploma In Hospital General Duty Assistant

Duration: 2yrs

Diploma in Hospital General Duty Assistant

Diploma In CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department ) Technician

Duration: 2yrs

  Diploma in CSSD (Central Sterile Supply  Department ) Technician

Diploma In Emergency Medical Technician

Duration: 2yrs

Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician

Diploma In Blood Bank Technician

Duration: 2yrs

Diploma in Blood Bank Technician











Nandha Gopala Krishnan Ramamoorthy

One of the Best Hospital, in my experience,We Normally look for Big Brands for the Hospital, But This Hospital is silently doing their service with No Noise...


Good Doctor good service and good staffs

Kalaivani Sundaresan

My appa was treated very gently and kindly in covid care. I heard this hospital is good for critical care through my friend circle.

Nithin Kumar

First of all I'd like to thank the Doctors, Nurses and other staff, who really took care of my Brother and Sister who were admitted for Covid-19. 

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