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Nephrology (from Greek nephros "kidney", combined with the suffix -logy, "the study of") is a specialty of medicine and pediatric medicine that concerns with study of the kidneys, specifically normal kidney function and kidney disease, the preservation of kidney health, and the treatment of kidney disease, from diet.

A physician holding a pen & examining the condition of a kidney model while wearing a stethoscope.

Nephrology deals with kidney diseases. At the Centre of Excellence in Nephrology at Sowmiya Hospitals, our specialized team of nephrologists, kidney transplant surgeons, Interventional Nephrology Radiologist and urologists work together to diagnose and treat the entire gamut of kidney-related conditions in the best possible way. In the treatment of unique kidney conditions which may require a kidney transplant, our quaternary care experts are experienced to handle the most complex cases delicately.

Kidney Transplant Hospital in Karamadai

Quaternary care, which is a highly specialised field in the medical profession, is at the core of our treatment protocol. This is because we have the finesse and state-of-the-art medical technology to equip our transplant surgeons to perform the most complex of kidney transplants. Along with this, we offer a range of services including dialysis, kidney biopsy, laparoscopic or robotic surgeries, and transplants, creating vascular access.

Statistics reveal that in one out of three kidney patients waiting for a kidney transplant are unable to get one despite having a blood group compatible donor kidney. This is precisely because the patient may have a tissue mismatch due to sensitization which results in high chance of rejection. At Sowmiya Hospital, these recipients undergo successful desensitization therapy to achieve successful transplant.

Desensitization services available are:

  • Plasmapheresis
  • Immunoadsorption
  • Immunosuppressive drugs

The Centres of Nephrology and Urology have a sizeable and comprehensive kidney transplant program, having performed both autologous and cadaveric transplants. Dialysis is a treatment where the functions of the kidney are replicated by the dialysis process in situations where the kidneys have failed to function normally. Dialysis is needed when you develop end stage kidney failure usually when 85 to 90 percent of your kidney function is lost and there is a GFR of < 15.