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In many cases, it may be difficult for children to express any change in their clinical condition or any pain they may be experiencing. It will also be difficult for them to answer any medical questions, or even be patient or helpful during clinical examinations. Therefore, when there is a need for a paediatric surgery, it will take a skilled and experienced surgeon to perform this invasive medical procedure, keeping in mind the delicate physiological and psychological constitution of a child. Our surgeons at Sowmiya Hospital are not only veterans in the field of child care, but also incorporate the use of advanced technology and equipment at our paediatric surgery centre, designed especially for children.

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This rare speciality of surgery deals with the diseases, malformations and trauma among children from the womb to their teenage years. The paediatric surgeons’ scope of surgical prowess encompasses all conditions in this age group, particularly small children.

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Given that this speciality involves the entire gamut of surgical services in children affecting various organs of their body, our multidisciplinary team of paediatricians, paediatric surgeons, paediatric oncologists, paediatric urologists and neonatologists pit their expertise together to perform a wide range of surgeries in newborns and children. In neonatal surgery, some conditions include gastroschisis - a birth defect hole in the abdominal wall; in paediatric urology surgery, certain urological conditions, such as hypospadias are frequently present at birth or in young people; paediatric oncology surgery deals with common childhood cancers such as leukemia.