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Best Hospital for Urology Treatment in Karamadi

Sowmiya's Hospital in Karamadai is well-known for its excellent urogynecology services offered by a devoted team of highly qualified specialists. Our Multispeciality Hospital provides precise diagnosis and successful Treatment for urological disorders with advanced medical technology and modern equipment.

A doctor carefully holds a gatget containing a human organ, examining it with focus and precision.

Urological problems, predominantly renal and ureteric stones, are endemic in Mettupalayam, Karamadai, Coimbatore, and ooty. We have a devoted team of highly qualified specialists of urologists to handle urological problems.

Our medical center uses advanced instruments and technology to serve flexible treatment techniques for urinary system disorders. Our qualified experts include urologists, oncologists, nephrologists, and transplant surgeons. We use a multidisciplinary approach, cooperating with departments such as anesthesia, pathological conditions, cardiac care, radiology, immunity, and interventional radiation therapy. We provide inpatient and outpatient surgical and medical treatment for adult and pediatric urology, including screening, staging, and advanced therapy.

Kidney Stone Treatment (Medical and Surgical)

Sowmiya Multispeciality Hospital involves detecting the presence of kidney stones and treating bladder stones using various approaches. Our Doctors can conduct blood tests, urine tests, X- rays, and CT scans to detect stones and their size and location. Our most recent laser technology provides the patient with a quicker healing time. Treatment methods at the Sowmiya Urology Hospital near ooty include:

  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Drinking water to discover kidney stones early.
  • Offering fluids and oral drugs to help them pass through the urinary tract.

Suppose Further therapy may be required, as well as ongoing surveillance. If the kidney stones are too large to pass through the urinary tract, our doctors might prescribe shock wave lithotripsy treatment to break them into smaller particles that will move through the urinary tract.

Laparoscopic surgery for urology near me

  • Sowmiya Hospital provides laparoscopic surgery in an advanced facility with qualified surgical doctors and modern technology. We perform minimally invasive surgeries, including laparoscopic procedures, for urethral strictures, kidney-puj obstruction, ureteric strictures or stones, bladder tumors, and undescended testis.
  • Laparoscopic surgery is performed by creating tiny holes in the abdomen and inserting a camera and surgical instruments. In contrast, laser surgery uses a laser to break up or remove the stone. The type of surgery depends on the specific condition and individual circumstances. It is necessary to consult a doctor for Treatment and to return to everyday life.

Our Special

What we handle in Urology

Our urologist will recommend the right path of Treatment based on the patient's condition. Sowmiya Multispeciality Hospital offers the following forms of urological care:

  • Sowmiya Multispeciality Hospital in Karamadai provides therapies such as ESWL, PCNL, URSL, ureteric stenting, laser operations, TURP, and TURBT for kidney stone removal.
  • We also treat Management for blood in urine, urinary incontinence, dribbling, leakage, urinary retention, ureteric, renal, and bladder stones.
  • Patients with erectile dysfunction, impotence, premature ejaculation, or undescended testis can find Treatment at Sowmiya Hospital.
  • Diagnostic procedures such as the MCU, KUB, and IVU, ultrasound scan, trus, ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy and renal biopsy, CT scan, and PSA levels are available in our hospital.

Reconstructive urology

  • Sowmiya Hospital near Mettupalayam offers reconstructive urology services for urethral strictures, chordee correction, and bladder reconstruction.

Uro Gynecology Treatment

  • Urogynecology treatment for urinary incontinence, vesicovaginal fistulas, vaginal rejuvenation, and tightening is available in our multispecialty hospital.

Urological oncology ( cancer management) Treatment

  • We also provide urological oncology services for treating renal urethral and bladder cancer, prostate and testicular cancer, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sowmiya Urology Hospital in Karamadai is a unique urology department that provides specialized care for patients with urological issues. The hospital's team, which includes urologists, paramedics, and support personnel, has undergone specialized training in this area. The extensive knowledge and competence in dealing with urological issues assures a speedy recovery. With advanced technology and expertise, Sowmiya Multispeciality Hospital is a leading choice for urological issues in Tamil Nadu.

Kidney stones are treatable without surgery, and 90% resolve within 3 to 6 weeks. The sole therapy required is pain alleviation. Severe pain may necessitate hospitalization and pain medication. Small stones in the kidney can be passed through the urine by consuming 2-3 liters of water. Doctors may give painkillers and medicines to reduce discomfort and break and dissolve stones. Antibiotics are recommended to treat infections.

Urological surgery expenses vary in India. However, significant facilities such as Sowmiya Urological Hospital provide high-quality care at reasonable rates. During consultations, doctors may reveal approximated operation expenses.

A urologist must diagnose urological disorders since symptoms indicate a possible problem. If your primary care physician suspects problems in the region, they may refer you to a urologist.

There is no consistently efficient treatment for kidney stones since it depends on the size and location of the stone. The patient's medical state and the location of the stone determine the optimal medical and surgical therapy. PCNL surgery is advised for more giant stones, whereas RIRS surgery is suggested for smaller stones.

Physical causes may include varicocele, undescended testicles, testicular injury or prior surgery, radiation, environmental poisons or medications, and alcohol. Fertility issues can be caused by genetic factors such as Klinefelter's syndrome, cystic fibrosis, unexplained genetic polymorphisms, infections, and sexually transmitted illnesses. Many infertile males have idiopathic infertility, meaning no particular cause can be identified. Fertility specialists and urologists can look into potential reasons for infertility.

In most situations, an enlarged prostate poses no significant harm to health and is a typical part of maturing. In some situations, it can result in severe diseases such as urine retention and renal damage. As a result, it is critical to have the problem diagnosed at a reputable clinic or hospital.

Prostatitis, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation are some diseases an andrologist can treat.

Urology focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases related to the urinary system, which is crucial in maintaining cleanliness and filtering out toxins and wastes. Major organs treated by urologists include adrenal glands, kidneys, urinary tubes, bladder, and urethra. Urologists also treat male reproductive system parts like the prostate, which adds fluid to sperm for semen production, and testicles, which create testosterone and facilitate sperm production. The penis, which releases urine and carries sperm out of the body, is another area of focus. The urinary system keeps the body clean and filters out toxins and wastes.