Arthroscopy & Joint/Knee Replacement Surgery in Karamadai

Joint Replacement Surgery In Karamadai

The orthopedics specialty at Sowmiya Hospital is at the forefront of medical technology in the field of orthopedic treatment. Bone injury, sports injuries, degenerative joint disorder, etc. requires tailored and improvised treatment plan for better mobility and speedy recovery. Our team of highly skilled doctor’s work in collaboration with proficient physiotherapists and dedicated Rheumatologist, who are adept at implementing major procedures for joint replacements, shoulder surgeries, Arthroscopies, cartilage transfers, knee resurfacing, and complex fracture management.

A doctor holding a model of a broken arm, demonstrating the injury for educational purposes.

Arthroscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure that allows an orthopedic surgeon to view and perform a procedure on the interior structure of a joint, such as the knee, shoulder or ankle. Sowmiya Hospitals offers state-of-the-art facilities and advanced surgical procedures with convenient hours of operation. Some common arthroscopic procedures include meniscus problems in the knee, removing inflammation and repairing rotator cuff tears in the shoulder, repairing cartilage, etc. Avail of our world-class arthroscopic treatment facilities at Sowmiya Hospitals.

Procedure of Knee Arthroscopy

The department is committed to advancing knowledge related to the management of musculoskeletal disorders through the sub-specialty units renowned at National and International levels. We focus on patient care in each of these orthopedic subspecialties: spine surgery including corrections of scoliosis, knee arthroscopy & sports medicine, complex trauma with foot-ankle, shoulder surgery, complex trauma surgery and joint replacement and pelviacetabular trauma. We have, in addition, rehabilitation support by full-fledged physiotherapy and occupational therapy services.

Orthopedic surgeons at Sowmiya Hospital use the latest technology including customized implants, RComputer-assisted navigation, and High-definition Digital camera for better visualization.