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Pregnant women have higher folic acid, magnesium, iron, calcium, and protein requirements than non-pregnant women. Hence, prenatal vitamins are given. Leafy vegetables, nutritious dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats should all be included in a well-balanced diet. While desires for salty and sweet foods may occur, eating is critical to avoid excessive weight gain.

Surgery is seldom necessary to remove stones. Surgery may be indicated by factors such as a large stone, infection spreading at the location of the rock, urine blockage, or severe bleeding.

After the embryo transfer procedure, you can continue your usual life. Cramps may occur as a result of a slight enlargement in the ovaries. Maintain a gentle schedule and avoid strenuous activity, which might reduce your chances of becoming pregnant.

A nephrologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating kidney illnesses such as kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, dialysis, renal failure, imbalances in electrolytes, renal cancer, and so on.

Nephrologists also treat uncontrolled hypertension and renal function problems caused by autoimmune disorders. Nephrologists also see all post-renal transplant patients. We deal with all the above conditions.

Wear suitable footwear, maintain a regular stride, and maintain weight to preserve excellent foot health. The 33-foot joints carry our entire body weight. Avoid putting any excess weight on any part of the foot. Unequal weight distribution and resulting pressure displacement can cause corns,calluses, ingrown nails, and knee and back discomfort, and can last for more than 20 years if pressure distribution is unequal.

When the prolapse is minor and early, it can be addressed non-surgically with muscle strengthening and physiotherapy. Surgery is recommended if the prolapse or ligaments are damaged or if the prolapse occurs late.

Exercise regularly to avoid prostate issues; try to eat a healthy balanced vegetarian diet; maintain a healthy frequency of ejaculation; and maintain good penis and surrounding region hygiene.

Diabetes is covered by insurance since it is a severe condition that can lead to grave consequences if not treated. Check with your insurance company about the cost of your therapy.

A physical therapist is a medical practitioner trained to help people recover movement, minimize discomfort, and avoid handicaps. They diagnose and treat various disorders affecting the quality of life, including movement dysfunction, chronic pain, and after-surgery rehabilitation. A comprehensive physiotherapy program frequently prevents intervention surgery and decreases the need for long-term medication.