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Make an appointment at Sowmiya Hospital if you are expecting a baby or have any worries about your pregnancy. We'll be happy to assist you in treatment and ready to response your queries.

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Pregnancy is a natural process and the only specialty of medicine that deals with not a disease but a physiological process and two or more lives simultaneously. We have had an established obstetrics department for 40 years and are proud to have delivered 3rd generations of new lives in the same family chain.

A nurturing hand holding an unborn baby with love and care in a mother's womb.

Sowmiya Multispeciality Hospital takes a holistic approach to pregnancy, involving nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and community development for a joyful and natural birthing experience. Parents may expect an easy transition because of our pregnancy care Hospitals' outstanding, cost-effective, high-quality healthcare services.

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Sowmiya Multispecialty Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology is located close to Ooty. The top obstetricians and gynecologists manage our hospital, offering treatment for women. The Sowmiya Hospital offers a comprehensive array of services around the clock and has a fully functional infrastructure and advanced technology.

Our team includes expert obstetricians and gynecologists, surgeons, dieticians, general medicine, physiotherapists, radiologists, pediatricians, and experienced nursing staff, and the neonatal teams are supported by the state-of-the-art birthing center for normal delivery and operation theaters to deal with complications of pregnancy.

What we handle in the Obstetrics

We provide practical interdisciplinary treatment to enhance maternal and fetal health. To achieve the greatest maternal and newborn outcomes, we offer individualized treatment centered on counseling about each woman's risk factors and how to manage them. Some of our treatments are:

  • Prenatal care
  • Specialized diet counseling
  • Pregnancy scans: NT scan, anomaly scan, growth scan, fetal echo,
  • Karyotyping, Hormonal assays - B HCG, Screening for congenital disabilities and birth syndromes
  • Vaccinations in pregnancy
  • Antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy.
  • First, Second, and Third-trimester specific management
  • Normal delivery, Natural birthing,
  • Cesarean sections
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • MTP, DNC, and abortions for miscarriages
  • Contraceptive methods post-pregnancy like OCP, Hormonal injections, and Copper T insertion for pregnancy spacing.
  • Newborn resuscitation, premature babies, low birth babies
  • Epidural injections for painless delivery.
  • Complications of labor, high-risk pregnancies like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid issues, heart issues, jaundice in pregnancies, bad obstetric history,

Our Special

Infertility Hospital in Karamadai

  • Sowmiya Multispecialty Centre, the best IVF hospital in Karamadai, provides personalized, patient-centered care at an economical cost and is known for its modern facility and top-tier specialists. We care about your fertility needs and want to help you birth your bundle of joy.
  • We also deal with infertility management like induction, IUI, ICSI, and IVF in tie-ups with specialists in the field of fertility enhancement. Minimal invasive laparoscopic surgeries for fibroids, ovarian cysts, tubal problems, hysteroscopy interventions, hormonal assay- prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, AMH, LH, and Karyotyping.
  • Our Sowmiya Fertility Centre strives to provide patients with a secure, comfortable setting, open communication about available treatment choices, and ongoing support throughout their fertility journey. Using modern technology and sophisticated tests to ensure precise diagnoses and individualized therapies for high success rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

The rapidly growing network of Sowmiya's Hospitals in Karamadai is renowned for its leading-edge clinical gynecology services. Our medical center network, which is close to Sirumugai, Mettupalayam, Ooty, Aanaikatti, and Coonoor and includes a top Obstetrics and gynecology department with qualified clinicians and physicians, has substantially enhanced healthcare. It represents superiority in healthcare.

Yes, Obstetrics and Gynecology is available to offer advice on various forms of contraception and assist you in selecting the best choice depending on your lifestyle and reproductive objectives. If you want us to assist you in getting ready for a healthy pregnancy, we may also offer preconception consultations.

Among the many services offered by obstetrics and gynecology are prenatal care, childbirth and delivery, management of gynecological conditions, family planning and contraception, management of menopause, cancer screenings, infertility assessments, and surgical procedures involving the reproductive system.

Your age, medical history, and specific demands will all influence how many visits you need. Generally, women should get a Pap screening, pelvic exam, and breast exam as part of a yearly well-woman check. Throughout their pregnancy, pregnant women often have more frequent visits.

Menstrual problems, including heavy bleeding or irregular periods, pelvic discomfort, UTIs, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, and ovarian cysts, are common gynecological sicknesses. Our obstetricians and gynecologists can identify and manage these disorders.

Surgery linked to pregnancy, labor, and delivery can be done by obstetricians. These are a few of the most popular surgical procedures:

  • Episiotomy.
  • D&C (dilation and curettage).
  • Vaginal birth.
  • Cesarean section.
  • cerclage of the cervix
  • Using a vacuum or forceps to help with the birth

An obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) doctor focuses on your general health during pregnancy and offers stage-specific treatment based on evidence-based medicine. They are skilled in dealing with issues that can develop throughout your pregnancy since they are experienced with unique pregnancy and delivery problems.

2-3 visits may be required:

  • One day for testing and pre-IVF preparation
  • IVF treatment (Second Visit): 15 days
  • Embryo transfer (only in some instances)